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Nordman Fir

This tree is known for its good needle retention, making it the most popular Christmas tree.

Norway Spruce

This traditional Christmas tree has a wonderful aroma and rich colouring.

Blue Spruce

This attractive Christmas tree has a blue tint to it and has a fragrant smell.

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Tree Care

Cut Trees

Our first advice would be to purchase the tree as near to the time when you want to start your display as possible. All of our trees are harvested near to the supply date, which helps the tree to keep maximum needle retention during the festive period. It should be remembered that one of the worst enemies of any real Christmas tree is central heating. If you can locate the tree away from any radiator or alternatively afford to turn it off, then this will help to prevent the tree from losing moisture from its needles.

Pot Grown Trees

These trees have been grown in their pots and are sold as living trees. During the festive season they should be watered regularly and afterwards, continue this regime to ensure they are given the best possible chance of survival. It’s best to check the soil every day to make sure it’s not drying out. To reduce stress and damage to living trees, display them in a cool room and away from direct heat.